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Crochet Hook Set - Gold Acrylic

Crochet Hook Set - Gold Acrylic

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Gold Glitter Crochet Hooks, set of resin crochet hooks

Beautiful gold and glitter hooks, made of high quality resin. Perfect for all crochet projects. Each hook has a tapered smooth snag-free finish, allowing for easy working of any project. These hooks are complimented with a thumb rest for comfortable use and an ergonomic grip.

You get (Jumbo): 4 large hooks

* 12mm

* 15 mm

* 18 mm

* 20 mm.

You get (Regular): 8 regular hooks

* 4mm

* 5 mm

* 6 mm

* 7 mm

* 8mm

* 9mm

* 10mm

* 12mm

Makes a thoughtful gift for the person who works so hard to make those hand made gifts.

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