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Heart Knitting Notions Tin Set

Heart Knitting Notions Tin Set

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Heart Knitting Notions Set, Stitch Markers and Stitch Stoppers in a white tin. Point Protectors and locking stitch markers are great tools for Knitting and a nice gift for any knitter.

If you need help to keep track of your stitches and progress, this Stitch Marker and Stitch Stopper Set is the perfect tool for you! This set includes 5 stitch markers, 2 stitch stoppers and comes in a white tin case.

It's an essential item for any knitter! Perfect for marking rounds, increases, decreases and pattern repeats, these stitch markers securely hold in place and won't snag your knitting while you work. And those stitch stoppers help to hold your work in place, so you can take a pause without loosing your work.

These Progress Keeper knitting notions are designed with comfort in mind and feature smooth surfaces that minimize yarn snagging. They also come in a cute white tin case with a twist closure, which makes them easy to carry around and store.

Knitting can become tedious when counting and tracking your stitches, but these Progress Keeper stitch markers will make your knitting experience easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Each stitch marker and stopper features a modern, stylish design and high quality construction, meaning that you can use them for years and years of knitting.

Say goodbye to frustratingly slow progress and start using our Knitting Notions Set today to make sure you stay on top of every stitch in your projects. Buy now to make your knitting projects easier and more enjoyable!


Red -

* 2 Red Heart Stitch Stoppers

* 5 Heart Stitch Markers, Gray Silver in Color

* 1 white & gold tin, with screw top lid

White -

* 2 White Heart Stitch Stoppers

* 5 Heart Stitch Markers, Silver in Color

* 1 white & gold tin, with screw top lid

Stitch Markers Size: 14.5x15x1.5mm, Hole: 12x10mm

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